My life.... one paw at a time.

My life.... one paw at a time.

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Bathtime because I stink? Moi?

Mom said enough was enough.  She insisted on giving me a bath, which undoubtably, is NOT my favorite pasttime.  However, I really must admit, I LOVE the heat of hair dryer and especially when she's using this pawsome comb called the "furminator."  It really helps a gal to get all the tangles out and the excess hair (espcially when shedding).

Here's a quick snipet of me attempting to dry myself before the hair dryer came out.  I always do my best to get on my mom's nerves!!!!  If you listen real hard, you will hear Bono & Edge in the background!  I love U2!!!!

With much love, hugs and smooches XOXOXO


  1. Oh Hailey, I HATE baths too and I HATE the dryer, I am just a drip dry kind of girl!!

    I roll around and shake too after my baths.


  2. Those are some GREAT drying off moves Hailey!!!!

  3. Hi, Hailey!
    Sure you had a nice spa treatment!
    I love baths! But the hair dryer scares me a lot!
    I like your drying-myself technique!
    Kisses and hugs

  4. howdy hailey
    we dont like the B word around here too much.
    we do everyfurry thing in our pawor to run when we here the water start running

    wiggles and pibble sugar
    the houston pittie pack

  5. I'm sure you had a bath not because you stink - your mom just knows how much you like the dryer!

  6. Try to find a pillow to roll on, they love that. ;)

  7. Hailey, you are just too cute for words! I don't like baths, dryers, or anything else associated with water!


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