My life.... one paw at a time.

My life.... one paw at a time.

About Me

Let me introduce my fabulous self - Me

It's not that I am a very confident woman...... well, yes; I do posses much confidence. I think that in my prior life I was someone strong, ambitious and only had two legs versus four.

You know in our every day walks of life we say things we don't always mean to say, or we wish for things that we don't realize may come true one day, or we just mumble things like........ "oh, I wish I was born rich instead of beautiful", or "... in my next life I want to come back as a dog!" ~ I seriously believe that this is definitely what happened to me!

Let me tell you a little bit about moi ~ I'm Hailey Anne. Everyone knows me as Hailey. When my mom is mad at me, she'll call me Hailey Anne. This is when I know I'm caught! If you haven't figured it out by now, yes, I'm a dog! A four year old Rat Terrier to be exact. I adopted my parents two years ago. They were very sad. They were looking for a friendly and loving dog to heal their pain. Heck! I had my own issues at the time. I simply had no time for them, nor did I want to become someones "replacement."

See - I had recently been rescued myself by a pair of pawesome ladies - both named Nancy. Everyone called them Nancy1 and Nancy2. There was also a really cool 3rd lady named Rene! They found me and took me to Perfect Pet Rescue. Gosh! This was way back around March of 2007. BTW, this is why I say my birthday is in March (nobody really knows when I was born). But seeing here in bloggieland,they referto it as Gotcha Day!!! Which for me would be March 3rd!!! Any who.... The ladies originally named me Paisley. Nancy said it was because of my crazy black spots. I was pretty crazy at the time. Very selfish. A loner. I kinda remember that I had recently had a litter, but anything right after that is all a blur to me. So I really don't know what happened to the pups. I do recall that I had surgery so that I can never have pups again. Thank gawd for someones ingenuity! I would hate to have to raise little one's in this day and age. There just wouldn't be enough mula for me to have my precious nails done! Or get my hair done once a month! Kids..... I really don't posses the patience for them! It'a all about ME. Me. Me..... Moi.

Any whoooooo! back to how I met my parents. I really don't want to get into their story too much right right now because I love them with all my heart and then some. It really is a very deep and heart wrenching story. But I do promise you one thing! My brother has a blog too and I will share it with you when the time is right! Girls honor! Just remember, he too came from Perfect Pet Rescue. He was there as Bruce. My parents called him Dylan - after Bob Dylan. Remember that name. (update - please visit my brther Dylan's blog).

So after Dylan was gone, my parents were back at Perfect Pet Rescue. They came to one of the Pet Adoption Days in Santa Monica, California. That particular day it was held at Petco. Mom and Dad looked around like all the other two legged people. Just looking for that "cutsie little young puppy" that everyone wants to take home. They kinda like this shaggy dog, but dad is allergic to the long hair and started sneezing. It was quite comical. Mom liked it - dad sneezed and sneezed and .... well, you get the picture. So there I sat with one of the volunteers. Just simply minding my own darn business. None of these people appealed to me, nor did I want to be bothered by them. I had just had surgery and needed to recouperate & heal.

Boy did I love Nancy! I would get so excited when I saw her. Since I was such a Bitch! (ha-ha! I made a funny!) none of the other volunteers could keep me at their houses very lonf because - I was such a bitch!  So I got to stay with Nancy, at her house. I though for sure I would stay there forever. She loved Moi! OMD!!! I saw her talking to mom and dad - she was really trying to convince them that I was the "perfect dog" for them. Trust her! What???? Nancy was giving me away?! No darn way! She opened her home to me! She hugged me.... she kissed me!!!! How could she do this to me!!!! Traitor!!!!!  Then, there it was ~ The introduction. I simply refused to partake in this absurd non-sense. I did not like mom and dad nor was I going to leave my precious Nancy. But she kept insisting that mom and dad walk me around a bit and spend some time with me. You know, like a bonding period. They tried for one whole hour. They walked me, they tried to talked to me and even entice me with trats (& you know I love treats!). NO WAY!!!!! I absolutely refused to be handed off to these people. I wanted to stay with my Nancy!!!! and then those words....... I just could not believe my ears! And I do have some really HUGE ears up there! She said IT! "Just take her home with you for 24 hours. If she doesn't work - bring her back tomorrow. What the hoot! I'm not a pair of shoes! If they hurt - exchange them! "She's the perfect dog for you both - I just know it!" - Yea. I'll show traitor Nancy who's the perfect dog alright. I had no choice but to leave with them - these strangers. I was shaking..... no actually I was trembling!!!!! I just couldn't stop. I thought, here we go again. Homeless! No more hot meals. No more hugs and kisses. No more Nancy! How could she!
Oh dear loved ones! I'm so darn dramatic! Of course you could imagine what happened after that. The next day Nancy called mom and dad to see if they were ready to bring me back. I almost grabbed the phone myself and told her No WAY! You're a genius! I love my new parents!!!! They are pawesome!!!!!!! They are not going anywhere! As you know,  the rest is history! I have kept my parents already for two years this March!

With much love, hugs & gratitude   xoxo
Ms. Hailey

Jan 2009

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