My life.... one paw at a time.

My life.... one paw at a time.

Friday, July 31, 2009

We are joining our new friend Twix in "Flower Friday"

Happy ~ Happy Friday!

p.s. advice: Remember to be on your best behavior ~ mind your manors and most of all..... be kind to other's.... Ya never know when mom n' dad are gonna take you out to have a treat!

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Not FAIR!!!!!

Ok. So I was not in the mood to deal with other four legged pals at the dog park this evening and I snapped at two of them. A gal has a right to be in a bad mood every now and then. But to gather me up and remove me from the park????? Geez Louise! When mom is in a snappy mood, nobody gathers her up and removes her from the house! (even though at times I bet dad wishes he could Bol!!!). But to go to my FAVORITE (well top two favorite places) place to eat and punish me for being snappy and not order me a "human style" (bol!) burger is just simply unheard of!
They are actually inside right now enjoying the yummy fries, double cheese burger with grilled onions and strawberry shake....... I know they love me and will bring me back their last bite!!!! I can't wait!!! Yummy!!!! WHAT!!!!! They're empty handed.... holding hands and laughing???? WTB! This is unheard of! Moi! Nothing for moi!!!!! Ok.... I know the drill..... home at last and in time out.... I guess I deserve this. I was totally misbehaving even after we got off the car at home. Perhaps I can still get a teensy, tiny, treat before going to bed? Yes mom. I will sit here and accept my punishment.
.......... Mommy, I love you! Mom.... mommy...... I'm thirsty..... mommy I have to go to the bathroom......... Mom???

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Sunday ~ Bathtime at home day

I am not quit sure what to make of this taste...... Oatmeal.........

I do taste a hint of apples in it and perhaps cinnamon?

None the less it's washed off I get to squishy Mom!!!

Uh..... I'm sorry, Mom????

Ma!!!! I'm not dressed!!!

Squishy her again!!!

Awww.... fresh smellin' paws!

This is exhausting work.... maybe going to the groomer would have been better.

Wait! a quick rest!
Aw.... this way is better.......

What? I can go to the family room???
It's too steamy in here.... going to the family room!

Oh this is fantastic!!!

Mon says I must stay on the towel.....

Maybe on this side....

Woooooo hooooo! I'm loving this!!!!

Oh crap! Mom's coming back!!!

Dry the tootsies!!!!

Here comes Dad. Dry the body.... dry the ears.....

What Dad? Treats for moi??? Here I come!

Friday, July 24, 2009

TGIF? Why?

So what's all the excitement about when people say TGIF? It's just another day while mommy and daddy go to work. I am stuck in a CRATE!!!! I hate this crate! I refuse to get in it...... well only for my mom. For my dad I get in it with no problem because I know he will not tolerate nonsense from me, but mom is a softie. She gives me an extra treat.!!!! I don't like the kong she gave me either....... blah! But today she put my piggy baby in with me. I LOVE piggy!!!! I was a bit tired of lil' cow any way. And my ice melts too fast........ I can't reach the remote for the radio to change the music during the day. They don't leave the TV on anymore since they got the flat screen in the bedroom. And sometimes the A/C gets too cold. Other times I wish it was colder. Why can't I just have the basket of remotes in my crate with me????????? What's so great about TGIF!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Beautiful roses ~ Beautiful day

Beautiful smelling roses in shades of lavender from my sister's rose garden. I love roses and enjoy the fact tht my sister sent these to me!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Ditched skool today

With Mom coming home today, we decided to have a family day out. Once Mom got to rest for a bit we went to the dog park. I was so excited as we were driving up - I wanted to just leap out of the car and shout out to everyone that Mom was back (I really need to get over these abandonment issues). I was having a very happy day! I saw my friends and we ran around a teenie tiny bit. I still can't seem to adjust to playing with other dog's aynd sniffing one another's booty. Oy vwy! Suddenly, I stopped DEAD IN MY TRACKS!!!!!! Was Moi looking in the mirror or whar? My senses flashed befor me and I realized I had left my compact at home and I was at the dog park. I could not believe my eyes! It was exactly like a scene recreated from "I Love Lucy" featuring Harpo Marx (The Marx Brother's) when Lucy was dressed as Haro and the came face to face. This was Moi and the mirror!
We both started laughing because he must have realized by the dumbfounded look on my face what I was thinking!!!! We laughed so hard that everyone around us was laughing too!

I then composed myself and went about my business: red faced and all. I tried to cover my tracks and began to horse play for awhile with a little cutie pie (can't quite understand the term horse playing, were not horses!).
It was time to leave the dog park and go to my favorite place to eat ~ Pacific Coast Hot dogs! Yuuuummmmy!!!!!!! Yuuuuummmy! Yummy!

My mom's favorite from there are the Chile Cheese Dog's (no pun intended) sometimes with onions and sometimes without. Don't they look scrupilicious (too bad blogger doesn't have snif-a-vision)!!!!!!! Dad usually has the Chicago Dog's. Boring! I have the Hailey Special (dog no clothes on). We sat there and talked about Mom's and just enjoyed our family time together.

Mom's homecoming day

Ok. So I overheard dad on the phone early this morning. And I mean really early this morning (3am). He was telling mom to have a safe flight and he'd see her later? What! Was she on her way home?? I am upset that she has been gone 10 whole days. No belly rubs, no back massages, my nails look simply awful! There's no ice in my water...... no special treats and has been making me do homework every day. Blah blah blah. I hate skool.

Several hours later - Must type quick: She's finally home!!!!! Mommy is home!!!! Yay! I cried so much out of shear happiness that I peed all over Mommy! Teee-Heeeee!

p.s. Mom met Ivander Hollyfield at LAX when she arrived this morning. She was pretty excited! I asked her if she checked out his ear.... she told me to be nice.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy 4th of July

Life is not so grand right now. Mom left to see her sister in Orlando, Florida. I stayed home in a nice air conditioned house. Dad has been taking me on walks, giving me individual attention, going to the dog park...... what a life. Boring! LOL!!! Mom called and I spoke to her on speaker phone. She said it was extremely humid and hot. The mosquito's are teeny tiny and have bitten her just a bit. I laughed because I was cool!

4th of July! I don' like all the noise from the fireworks. Dad made a beautiful tri-tip steak on the grill. OMG! It was mouth watering fantastic! I ate so much I need to go on a diet tomorrow! I love 4th of July!

p.s. pictures courtest of OCSD
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