My life.... one paw at a time.

My life.... one paw at a time.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Thankful Fur Thursday!

Another great reason to go out (er.... blog) and meet new furiends!!  
 The Teachers Pet's has created
Thankful Fur Thursday
 to meet 3 or more new furiends!!!
So now we just don't do it on Saturday's! 
 We do it on Thursday's too!!!
Drop by her blog and find out how YOU can be a featured  Thankful Fur Thursday guest!
Tell em' Hailey sent you! Bol!!

With much love, hugs & smoochies! XOXOXO

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Ghouls and goblins ~ Trick or treat! Happy halloween week!!

Wishing all our furiends a very Happy Halloween!!! 
For those goblins that love to dress up...... enjoy!
For those that don't......  boooooo!
We are sharing some of our silly picks.  Yes.  We allowed mom to have fun with this.
After all, it did make her smile!!

Lala.... make a scary face please.
  Hailey!  I can't make a scary face... I'm just too cute!
Ok... how about this one
Or this one! It's my best side!
Lala!!!! It's not show your pretty face.... It's show your scary face!!!
Look!  Like this!!!!
Or like this!!
Or this!
Ok Hailey.  I think I got it!
Just kidding Hailey! Geez! Don't get ghouled out! How's this!
Thank you, Lala. Now let's show them some scary movies!
The Ghoulies 1
The ghoulies 2
The clowns
The horrible
Hailey, do these scare you like they do me? Yes. Lala.  I'm scared too, even though it's really us!!
 Ok Lala.  Pretty face!
Making mom smile sure can be exhausting!
Good job, Lala!!
Happy Halloooween efurrybody!!!!!!!  

With much love, hugs & smoochies! XOXOXO

Saturday, October 23, 2010

That little rascal.... we tried........

I was just about to post my Saturday Blog Hop post when all of a sudden I heard car horns beeping and people saying "...she went that way!!"  I jumped off the couch and ran towards the window to to discover that a neighbor carelessly let their pooch out to water the garden WITHOUT a leash on.  I know you're probably saying .... what's the big deal, right?  Well, where we live, there is a very busy street and that's where the pooch ran off to.   We decided that we would go help capture  rescue the pooch, as it clearly was not coming back when being called.  We gathered into the truck.  A neighbor said he thought the pooch ran into the park across the street.  NOT GOOD.  Because this is a wilderness park.
We kept walking to see if we could find the mom running around or at least the pooch. Attempting to locate some type of scent..........
Lala was very determined to find the little lhaso apso.  You know how us rescued pooches feel about situations like that.......
We thought maybe we would look under the branches.... or nest????
  We looked in the bushes.....
Nothing here...... 
We did see some pine cones (well they were dried up) and thought of our furiends that love to eat them!!!!
We found ourselves without any success in the wilderness.  Hooman niece suggested we go into the regular park to see if we could find the pooch.....
Lala was still very, very upset at this point because, her being a new rescued one herself, she just wanted to find the pooch safe.
 We sniffed and sniffed and sniffed............. but nothing. 
 However, we did come across rabbit poopies.  There are a lot of wild rabbit's here.  We tried to take a picture of one hiding, but we weren't successful at that either.
We sincerely hope that the little Lhaso Ahpso is found safe and unharmed.  As of this posting (two hours later) pooch has not been found.  The pawents are still out there.  We came back home because hooman niece was a bit hot to the touch and we realized she had fever.  Besides it began to sprinkle.  Although we have never met the pooch or it's pawents, we will let you know once we hear anything.  Keep the paws crossed. 

With much love, hugs & smoochies! XOXOXO

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Yea! We're finally going on an outing?? NOT!

This was to be a family funday, Sunday!  Mom got us all excited to go on an outing! We hadn't been on an outing in awhile, well, ok, we did go to the dog park a couple of weeks ago......
Anyway.  Back on current subject....
Lala, Mom and I loaded up in the truck and we were off! Before I knew it, we were barking telling the lady at the toll road booth how anoyed excited we were to see her! 
Soon after, we pulled into the parking of PETSMART.  Mom told me I was going to see Christina. 
I knew then that it meant I was going to the groomer. 
I wasn't very excited and neither was Lala.  She really hates taking baths.  
But mom was quick to tell her that we were only dropping me off at the groomer's. They were going some place else. Now that really pooooed me off!!!!! She was getting quality time with mom. I do admit I was really feeling a bit jealous.

We walked me in......... and said our good-byes.  Lala wasn't very happy......
 Mom said she kept crying for me for about 15 minutes.  I felt sooooo horrible!!!  She was really missing me!!! Awww....... my little sweet cutie patootie!!!!

But then they arrived at Lala's destination..........

Oh no...... she was there to get her immunization's and a have a check up.   I wasn't there to console  make her laugh. Now I really feel horrible..... While in the waiting room, she met Ruby the cat. She kinda freaked out and attempted to get up on the chair.  She was oblivious that Ruby was in a crate and couldn't get out.
She really relaxed when she met Ruben.  He is Ruby's brother.  Lala really was tickled to meet him.
It was Lala's turn to go into the exam room. She was shaking, coughing and everything else, weirding out!!!
Lala weighed in at 8.6 lbs!  Woweee!  Where does she store it?! Her teeth were excellent. Her heart rate went tadum, tadum, tadum....... it too, was healthy!! Mom told the vet about her attacks.  Were not sure if they really are anxiety attacks or allergy. Mom thinks anxiety because that is usually when she has them. Mom can have her tested for allergies, if that's the route, then ouch!!! Then it came time to have the technician come in and administer the "shot's."   But....... they waited..... and waited....... and waited..... So mom and her played with the mobile flashy box.  Here's a picture of them.
Lala was getting really nervous with anticipation...... she whispered to mom that she thinks she had to go and visit the rose bushes.        
She was taking care of the garden.........
Not sure why she always has to sniff it after.... do any of you have sister's that do that?
The technician finally came in.......
       She thought the needles were ginormous!!!
           Soon it was over and they went into the lobby to pay the bill.  She then met Sam..... Lala told Sam not to mess with her cuz she was not the happiest right now. 
 Back in the car she just laid in her car seat..... poor Lala.

Soon they went and picked me up from the groomers and we went and had ice cream. Well mom did any way. We ate our food.   Lala was beginning to feel a bit better after mom let her have a few ice cream licks.
     Once we arrived home, she slept for the duration of the day and into the night.  I knew she wasn't feeling well so I stayed close by her at all times. I watched over her while she slept.........
I love you Lalie!!!!!

Hugs & smoochies!!! XOXO 

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