My life.... one paw at a time.

My life.... one paw at a time.

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Bathtime because I stink? Moi?

Mom said enough was enough.  She insisted on giving me a bath, which undoubtably, is NOT my favorite pasttime.  However, I really must admit, I LOVE the heat of hair dryer and especially when she's using this pawsome comb called the "furminator."  It really helps a gal to get all the tangles out and the excess hair (espcially when shedding).

Here's a quick snipet of me attempting to dry myself before the hair dryer came out.  I always do my best to get on my mom's nerves!!!!  If you listen real hard, you will hear Bono & Edge in the background!  I love U2!!!!

With much love, hugs and smooches XOXOXO

Saturday, January 30, 2010

A new crate in the box......

Mom  finally decided to downsize my crate to one that fits me perfectly.  My first one was way too big - besides,I hated it! When she bought the ginormous one, mom had never utilized a crate in the past. She thought that the one for my size was way too little and I needed much more room.  Not good.  So today she came home with my new crate that fits me!!!!  I also got a new sheepa rug for it and she bought me another jacket......  the jacket is a size small and didn't realize it till I pointed it out.  Mom!! I wear size medium!!!!!   Mr. Willy Monkey is in the picture being silly....   he's my best friend!!!
Here I am with my new pressies!
Somehow Willy Monkey managed to get into the picture too!  He is such a ham!!!!
I really like this crate!  I kept going in and out of it all morning! 

With much love, hugs and smooches XOXOXO

Monday, January 25, 2010

Good day Sunshine! Thanks to Mother Nature!

Since Mother Nature has given us a reprieve and let Mr. Sunshine out this weekend, on Saturday I made sure to get the old parents out for a drive.  We spent the day antiquing at Downtown Pomona.

You can find a lot of great stuff here.  The store's on this street were once all painted as the scene for Cat in the Hat (Dr Seuss).  This is why this store is still bright green. although through the years the paint has worn off, it was pretty cool after the movie filmed to know this was "IT!"

 In the picture above, look at the building.  How many of your parents remember Kress?  My mom does. She said she remembers going there as a kid!

 It was a bit chilly out, but momma thinks of everything!  I in my pink stroller with my favorite furry red blanket just kept me very warm!  Not to say the least for her - she was cold - but then again, she is always complaining of being cold. 

We went into the various stores looking at toy's.  Dad bought mom another snoopy toy.  It is sooo cute.I forgot to take a picture of it before mom took it to her office. I love it when the attention is focused on moi!!! I love it! At one of my favorite stores, the nice ladies there told mom to give me a teaspoon of olive oil each day to help my spine.  She said she had neck surgery and saw on Dr. Oz (pooie) that a teaspoon a day helps even for the four legged hooman's such as us.  Mom said she would do some research and google it  Do any of your mom's know this? Perhaps if they do, they can share some info with my mom.
Dad found another Superman glass.  He keeps buying them and mom keeps dropping them!

On Sunday, we woke up bright and early!  Dad took mom to eat at one of their favorite breakfast establishments in our very own Old Town Orange.  I was soo excited when they said I was going along!  That meant another outting for me too! 

Old town Orange is a nice cozy little town filled with the local's walking around (especially the young one's that go to Chapman University).

Our town is also tourist town. And because it is, we don't go there as often as we like.  It's busy all year long, as we are a few miles from both Disneyland and Knott's Berry Farm.  Us local's call it "the circle" as it litterally goes in a round circle.

For a minute there, I was able to get out of my stroller to do my business (of course mom wouldn't forget that!)
I inspected the peemail along the way.  Lot's of different mail all around.

I even managed to take a few picture's of other poofer's walking their human's as well.  I couldn't find any other's in strollers. 

Some of them chuckled as they saw me.... other's barked at me and told me I should be walking and not be a spoiled princess! 

I just wanted to clobber him over the noggin - couldn't he see I am sick and unable to walk much - Doctor's orders!  Duh!!!!!!  If I had my way, I would be running all over the place!  I feel great thanks to those little white things mom wraps inthe kraft cheese!  Bol!

We even saw this really cool bike too!  I thought mom's bike was the coolest, but this one is the bestest I ever saw!  It is so girlie!!

I got out of the stroller again and walked a teensie bit more.  I got to smell some new smells.

I was a bit upset because our outting was coming to an end.  I wanted to stay out in the sun a bit longer.  But mom had to go somewhere very important today and I couldn't go. 
Oh well till the next outting.... Enjoy the rest of your weekend!!!

On a sidenote:
Speaking of Kraft cheese, or umm is it just in my head (my thought only), I just have got to mention the Sunday posting over at Martha & Bailey's  regarding the letter to Mango Monster 2010 - I must say Mom could not stop BOL!!  She was practically rolling all over the floor!  Hey!  What's wrong with liking Kraft cheese anyway!  I LOVE IT!!!!!   She laughed so hard she was crying as she was watching me post a comment.  I was a tad bit worried about her (as I rolled my paw in a circle closest to my head implying koo-koo!).

Anyway - love you all and have a great day!!!
With much love, hugs and smooches XOXOXO

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Saturday morning funnies! Invisible dogs???????

I was able to sneak the computer this early morning and found the invisible dog's!!!!!   You ahve got to see this - it's hilarious!  I want a baby brother but mom said I'm already a handful.  Maybe if I show her this, she will say yes!!!  What do you think??????

With much love, hugs and smooches XOXOXO

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Member of the Pup Scout's of America!

Today, I became an offical member of the Pup Scouts of America! Thanks to Captain Crunch, Candy Ms. Bailey and Ms Martine  for all the hard work and deication that they put into this first Pups Scout's of America meeting today!  It was really a special moment for me and mom (dad too but he won't admit it publically) when I raised my right paw and took my oath.   They also sang along with me as I proudly sang the pupper scout songs.  Although I am not supposed to, but I was moving around with excitment as I sang!!!!! Be sure to check out my membership card and my beautiful badge (above)!!!!

Ms. Bailey doesn't waste any time what so ever!  She made sure that today was not just about fun, but it was also about educating us (and mom too!).  Our first lesson was about keeping us safe on leshes.  Sometimes my mommy forgets how important this really is!!

It is also very important that we contribute to our cause in being good community helpers and also raising lot's of moola by selling biscuits. I can't wait to sell the biscuits!  I am so excited!  I am going to see if my niece Kayla (whom is a real life Brownie) will go with me and she can sell her Girl Scout cookies and I can sell my biscuits!  Secretly, I want to get my daddy's credit card and buy up all the biscuits for myself so that when they are at work I can have my furiends over and pawty!!!!!!!

I asked my mom if we can crochet some Pup Scouts of America scarfs for my friends. She said maybe she can make enough of them and have a contest or something so that we can make sure everyone gets one!! I hope my mom can hurry up and go this weekend to buy some yarn and make me a Pup Scout scarf!  I can help her by supervising her!!!!

Your dedicated Pup Scout!

With much love, hugs and smooches XOXOXO

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

400 macaronies later.......

By Sunday early morning, I was getting worse by the day (and night).  Moms said she didn't think it was author itis (arthritis) and so she said she was taking me to my nephew's doctor. Wow! It was a great thing we went.  The doc poked here and there, checked my tempature, checked my reflexes in my footsies too!  The physical went on for a long time.  He said he didn't believe it was in my hips because the way my hind leg's were reflexing! He thought it was in my spine closes to my shoulders.  But, he wouldn't know for sure until they ran some x-rays.  He said that it may also be a viral infection but didn't think so.  He wanted to rule that out with bloodwork.  Mom and dad said ok. 
This is where mom and dad were separated from me.  I went to another room and they did a bunch of x-rays.  here there and every where.  Then they poked me with a huge fat needle and drew my blood. Gosh - for a bit thereI thougt they were gonna make a blood shake for a vampire!   Once my pictures were back, mom and dad viewed them with the doctor. He showed them that the little bones in my spine (two of them) were really close together.  This is caused by a blood clot.  He gave me a few shots (ouch!) and some medication to take home.  The doctor said that for the next 4 weeks, I must not jump on the couch, bed or climb any stairs (that takes the fun out of life!). Nor can I do much walking.  He said that this is a common issue with dog's with long spines.  My mother was baffled but said it made sense because I am always dancing like a ballerina and running around really fast and jumping up and down.
Momwas really concerned if I would have a good "quality" of life with this.  I am not sure what she meant by that but she was very teary eyed.  He said that these first 30 days are very very important! I need to get a lot of rest and take all my meds.  One of them is a muscle relaxer too.  I feel really great. Mom and dad spazed out because she went to the girls room and came out and found me on the bed.  She was upset at dad and said he should have been watching me.  I snuck away and went to lie down.  Another time I snuck out the from door when daddy opened it to greet mom as she parked the car.  I ran down the stairs! That time I really got it from both of them.  It was funny!
My poor mommy wakes up in the middle of the night to make me drink water and take my potty.  The doctor said the stair roids (steroids) would make me eat a lot more and drink a lot water.  There's only one problem.... I'm not too thirsty or hungrier more than usual. I don't like being confined, but mom say's that she needs me to get better.  Since she is sick too, I help her get through the tough day's. I love my mommy (and daddy too).
Dad makes me laugh because as soon as he comes home he carries me outside to do my business.  He tries to make me walk around because they said they don't want my muscles getting weak.  But I don't want to walk around outside.  I just want to be inside where I can lay down.  Dad say's the muscle relaxer's have me feeling this way.  
Oh well...... there's always my doggie stroller!!!!!

With much love, hugs and smooches XOXOXO

Friday, January 15, 2010

Justa tad bit under the weather these days....

I'm just not feeling it much these past two days.  Mom took me to the vet and they wanted $200 buckaroos just to take x-rays! The vet gave my me a shot in my hiney (red faced) and put me on aunty biotics?  Dont know who that is...... mom said it's not a person, it's medication.  The vet said I have a bit of author writis?????  But I told her I don't have that name on my blog... I'm Hailey.  She said I must really feel under the weather because I am just not funny at all.   She explained to me that my hips have what they call arthritis.  That when it get's cold my lil ol' bones ache.  That's why she has to carry me up and down the stairs, feed me by hand in my bed and give me my water and massage my hips to help me go to sleep.  She wants all your mom's and dad's out there to recommend any good herbal remedies.  She said she know's I can take glucosamine in doggy form but not sure of a good brand.  So if any of you know....   please give us a shout out!  Even if you have other suggestions too!  Thanks everyone!


With much love, hugs and smooches XOXOXO

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Halloween at Hollywood Ca.

A cutie and her mommy.

I think these doggies were so shocked at some of the things they were seeing.  Afterall, it is Halloween at Hollywood, Ca. where any and everything goes......

Mom took this one for me and said that if I wasn't so people shy that maybe I could go one day.... NOT~~~

I'm still trying to figure out if this doggie is trying to escape or scream "help! save me!!!"

This one is in au natural costume.

This one is just tooo darn cute!

The doggie is too stiff in this one, but this was a clean picture that mom let me post.

I liked this one too because I love Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.  Meet the ooompa loompa's!

p.s.   mom said that since this is a doggie website you will have to visit her website to view the picture's from halloween.  She says they are pretty way out there!!!!! Go view at your own risk!!!

With much love, hugs and smooches XOXOXO
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